Spring 2018 Launch of the Digital Literacy Lab

The Digital Literacy Project is a technology initiative that improves digital literacy among people with developmental disabilities and ASD. The goal of the project is to move our students from passive consumers of technology to user-creators by building a strong technical foundation in robotics, digital artists, animators, gaming, data collection & analysis, and internet producers. The programs within the Digital Literacy Project are geared toward teacher training, curriculum development, and individual technical skill building. We have two projects starting in Spring 2018:


Our Voice Podcast project:


Project members will create and produce video-podcasts of their interests and hobbies to be broadcast on the Center for Supported Learning YouTube channel.


Immersive Virtual Reality Deep Sea Project: 


A collaborative inclusive project to develop an immersive virtual reality deep sea experience to teach ocean ecology.  This project is a collaborative effort between the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School, Special education students from Huntington High School, the Center for Supported Learning, and Dr. Insu Hong in the Department of Geography at West Virginia University.