Research Agenda

Research Agenda 

The Center is interested in research in the following areas:

  • Project based learning
  • Service Learning
  • Urban Agriculture - Sustainability and food security for marginalized populations.
  • Empowerment and Social Justice Issues within the developmentally disabled community.

Current Research Projects:

1) Service-Learning Urban Farming Project for youth and young adults with Moderate Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Goals for the project members can be divided into three areas:

  1. socio-emotional development,
  2. job skills in agro-entrepreneurship and
  3. exposure to STEM subject goals correlated to science and math core competencies.

2) Analysis of access to community activities in Huntington for people with developmental disabilities.

Survey of access to community activities in Huntington Area.

3) Barriers within the Developmentally Disabled community for participation in Urban Farming.